Brahma’s Dream

It is believed that the universe that we live in is nothing but Brahma, the creator of the cosmos, dissolving himself in a dreamy sleep ensconced on a lotus. And the world and the complexities of it thereof is nothing but a figment of bewildering imagination by a bored old and sleepy almighty spirit. What … Continue reading Brahma’s Dream

Winter My Muse

Winter is to the heart what gravity is to the tree. It keeps you rooted. It keeps you free. -TheBurbakGypsy When you walk the streets on a gloomy, sun-deprived morning, nose deep-freezed, and a gust of silken chill brushes against your bare cheeks, what do you think? I think of a lover from a past … Continue reading Winter My Muse

Black Maxi Woman

“Black is everything beautiful. Everything shines brighter in black.” I went to Kolad, a remote hill around Pune. The mood was black. No, not the dark or sullen kind. But introspective and bright, much like a night sky. It was a forest mostly, with little to very less capitalist invasion. It was still very basic, effortless, … Continue reading Black Maxi Woman